I think you can guess what she sees a good deal of around our house. Also here is her hair prior to the cut I carried out on the post below.

I was baking on Tuesday (see my latest foodie post) while she was doing this. I was home taking care of Elliot. The 24 hour bug I thought he had lasted for oh about 7 days! Glandular fever was our Doctor's diagnosis. Poor chap did have just about everything, vomitting, fever, diarrohea, congestion.

I am just loving mucking around with picasa at the moment especially the collage - though like any new feature I am sure my over use could become tiresome (just like the use of the striking!)for every anyone left reading my posts. I am feeling somewhat invigorated about the whole blog thing and particularly inspired after reading some local blogs and the photography. I may start taking my camera around again - it may keep me motivated.


At 11:14 am, Blogger Susoz said...

A GP friend diagnosed my son retrospectively with glandular fever last week too - but mine only had the fever which lasted five+ days. I'm not sure I accept her diagnosis, but it sounds like E had it worse.


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