A recent revelation

On Friday, when talking to my colleagues at work, I revealed the existence of my food blog. It wasn't like I just came out and told them, but I had been talking about how much cooking on the weekends we had been doing of late (our fourth feast to prepare tomorrow)when a friend asked me if I kept a diary.

I said that I did and with photographs as well. Sometimes I wonder if he already knew about my blog life because he was being particularly pointed and interrogative and I would have had to lie really say that I didn't have a food blog.

Of course my friends asked me for the address, to which I replied, that I wouldn't give it to them they would have to find it and of course I didn't use my name or address in it. They immediately began a search for it (the food blog) so I made a point of remembering to separate my blogs last night in the event that it is discovered I would prefer this blog keep its annonymity for now. By the way if anyone who knows me (apart from Sugalu and Damien) ever do find any of my blogs I would hope they would leave a comment to let me know.

The last couple of weeks have flown, getting Elliot prepared for school wasn't too bad, Grade 3 at the same school is neither a beginning nor an end so it had a certain fluidness(is this a words?) ah! seamlessness (better word and used extensively by transport planners and the like) to it that I enjoyed.

Milestones nevertheless continue to be reached in our house, with Gabriella in her own bedroom and Elliot in his! Elliot came to my bedroom this morning before we all got up and I had to say to him how amazing it is that he is sleeping in his own bedroom so far from ours when he had slept for five years below our bed on his own mattress.

The milestones however do not come without effort and this one involved obtaining children's bedroom furniture. On the Friday after Australia day, I took the day off and drove to the land of broken dreams and promises - Ikea. Two and a half hours and I left with of course, the ubiquitous 100 tea candles and some curtains and a curtain rod for Gabriella's room. No bed, no toy storage, no drawers, no bookcases. I very well resented buying the curtain and the tea candles and almost didn't given that every piece of decent furniture they advertise never seems to available.

I left Ikea and went to KMART and found a great chair for Elliot to use when playing with his X-box and a small bookcase for Gabriella's room. I also got Elliot some great bed linen at Pillowtalk. We sourced Gabriella's bed and bed linen two days later and we now have semi-organised rooms for them - ceiling fans and painting and cupboards need to be organised further.

After 3 weekends of intense cooking for the various feasts we have prepared for our guests we are down to one more this weekend for P's mother and father and grandmother. Which will be a late Sunday afternoon dinner, with Antipasti ( I have a hankering for figs, prosciutto and gorgonzola) in the back yard then some slow cooked pork belly and truffled mash, finished with a luscious berry and custard/cream trifle.


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