5 Things Good

Okay, I actually do feel like posting today, but my main issues weighing upon me to write about would be things I am doing at work and as I don't post about work or try very hard not to, it means I have to do a meme instead via her.

Man most of the time I run a million miles from meme - who woulda thunk it!

Given that work is a good proportion of my life lately it's remarkable I can find anything else to occupy my free time - that isn't related to a domestic duty or relationship - so isn't dreary or drudgey or whinegy or just too damn busy (that's the relationship side).

So here they are after much thinking 5 Good Things

1. Movie: The Constant Gardener - a wonderful almost new movie I got to see for a change. It made me examine my social conscience or lack thereof. That it was shot in Kenya and they were the real children of the region, for once I couldn't divorce myself from the make-believe because there was none.

A good friend of mine described herself as "a head office princess" I think that would accurately describe my entire career too- never at the coal face always back at head office!

Today I had a brush with social and justice issues again. Only the scoping of a policy that will eventuate. I thought of the people on the ground and have great admiration for their dedication. I feel so totally inadequate in the face of the enormity of the problems facing some of our society - I am glad there are people out their who think about the issues, pose solutions and who keep getting us together to work on the issues from one angle or another.

2. Loving the Delicious magazine subscription I was given this year.

3. This wonderful weather - days of sun, and cool nights to snuggle and lots of comfort food to make.

4. Our new king-size bed after 11 years we finally have a great big bed, which means when your child is with you it doesn't make a difference to the quality of your sleep.

5. My husband playing me new music - and music he has found on this website. (One of the contributor's is Dooce's husband) P who does not read Dooce but knows that I do was surprised to make the connection.


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