I got my job. Of course though when I return to work next week I take on a new role and will be acting in a higher position. This new job is vacant and I will get to sit in it for a few months and will apply for it as well! So who knows... stay tuned more change is a coming.


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At 10:53 am, Blogger rara_avis_ said...

great news, congrats!

At 7:17 pm, Blogger Lushlife said...

Thanks Rara and AR it still hasn't been formerly announced at work yet I know all the paperwork is with HR so I am in a bit of a limbo a few people know but have been sworn to secrecy. So I don't feel I can fully celebrate the move into Senior Exec status at work. Though saying that should I be celebrating the 10 hour days that come with it.


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