Being sick

Apart from being busy I have also been trying to cure myself in record time. As luck would have it just after I finished watching "Love Actually" on Sunday afternoon I began to feel rather queasy. I was starting to wonder whether the mushy gushy lovey doveyness of this particular movie was having that particular effect on me or indeed I was coming down with something. I decided it was the latter because my throat was also sore and no movie no matter how bad, good or indifferent had been known by me to actually hurt my throat.

I was quite apprehensive about the whole sore throat business because it had been exactly a month when I last had a sore throat that lasted for 10 days and I consumed innumerable panadol and close to the end I had a complete physical meltdown as a result of being stoic and soldiering on and on and on. I was loathe to repeat that particular experience but it was looking ominous considering I start my new job on Monday. I hope to maintain the record that I kept in that I have yet to ring in sick for my first day of work - even if it is to return after 18 months to a department I had worked previously.

Work on Monday was a nightmare - I stopped at the chemist and picked up some stronger form of aspirin and began a 4 hour vigil. Prior to leaving for work in the morning I asked P to stare down my throat and as I suspected they were covered in pustules - I am familiar with infected tonsils and what they look like as I suffered from repetitive tonsilitis throughout my adolescence. I decided I would make an appointment with my Doctor that night.

At the end of the days work I went straight to the Drs and the chemist, 85 dollars later I was on my way to recovery. I was prescibed 10 days worth of penicillin (I am allergic to sulphurs so can not have a lot of antibiotics that would otherwise have been prescribed) and some great painkillers (ones that I took for 3 weeks after the caesarian). I can happily write tonight that now continue on with healthy tonsils. They cleared up this morning which was fantastic. Much to my dismay I found I was experiencing side effects from my favourite painkillers and had to discontinue them. I decided I was better off dealing with the pain than experiencing nausea, dizziness and hot flushes.


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