Making me smile at work.

This morning while I am getting ready for work I am brushing my hair in the bathroom doorway so I can keep an eye on my mischievous daughter who is loitering with intent. Her hair (in direct contrast to Elliot's at the same age that is, she actually has hair) is growing rapidly and most of the time will sit straight up in something of a mohawk fashion unless I have exerted some control and smoothed it down while still wet from her bath.

This morning she has her little brunette mohawk going and she watches me brush my hair and reaches up to tidy her hair with an invisible brush. I get her brush for her so she can fully imitate the task though given her lack of control there is no helping her hair today. I recognise this small sign as the emergence of her capacity to notice and learn by imitation though it is also indicative of a greater responsibility for P and I. There are greater lessons we hope to pass onto her. Till now she has explored her world and only tasted it (well as much as we let her).

I hope that we are able to provide her with examples of the best behaviour we can from which she can learn and imitate. Good manners and compassion most of all, a sense of humour, the ability to laugh at ones self, love of family and friends a sense of community and personal pride and responsibility are some of the values I hope we are instilling in Elliot and will give to her too.


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