He really really really does love this team. He has written to the captain of the team Michael Voss who kindly wrote back. It was as we thought it would be a type written letter though signed by Mr V. I didn't think anything of that at the time, until Elliot wrote to Jason Akermanis. Mr A is quite an individual from what I can gather - but I would have to say it was refreshing to see that Elliot got a very prompt response from Mr A - and apparently in his own handwriting. I mean.... why else would you send something handwritten unless you wrote it yourself. While I can't say I had given it much thought prior to this event - my esteem for Mr A has risen inestimably.

Elliot wants to write again. Unfortunately he doesn't have anything new to say so we try to discourage him plus they will probably eventually want to use a restraining order!

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