What is inspiring me on a Sunday night.

The great fresh asparagus around at the moment and the fantastic price! I have actually gotten ahead of myself and baked a ham and asparagus mornay for tomorrow night to have with some warmed bread rolls. I try to do this mornay at least once each winter looks like we will be having it for spring instead at leasts it is still a touch cool. We feel very French when we do have this dish and its great with some fruity white even a red especially when I use a mature cheddar and aged parmesan.

As I cook the mornay another apple crumble (and I still have crumble to spare) and some fresh tuna I decide to get in the mood for tonights A.I. 60's night and P has put on the Beatles "Let it Be - Naked" album. My favourite is "The Long and Winding Road"and P's is "Across the Universe." Great music to cook to not as much family fun as the Jam and "Town called Malice" or "Going Underground" or "Thats Entertainment" which P, Elliot and I have had some very good kitchen dance times to.


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