Some time for me!

I have finally had time for me and P. I finalised the paper for the first deadline yesterday. There will no doubt be revisions but the major work is out of the way. P and I decided to treat ourselves and go to the movies for the first time in absolutely ages. Maybe the second time since Gabriella was born last October.

I hate to admit this, but when we got there - the 1.30pm session to see the Bourne Supremacy. There wasn't much choice I don't usually like to watch movies that I think are really DVD quality and there is something about Matt Damon that to me makes me NOT think of him as "star" quality. I think he can be a fine actor but there is something about his particular appeal that doesn't appeal to me. Anyway as usual I digress.

When we got to the cinema - a couple had brought their young son "Freddy" a lovely approx 11-12 month old. My heart sank a littel -we had gone to the trouble our leaving our children at home and this was our first time at the movies for such a long time and they decided to sit behind us. I felt paralysed wondering how Freddy was going to cope. I was thinking maybe he is extremely placid and hates activity of any kind and maybe he hasn't slept for 24 hours and is going to sleep for the next 2 hours and maybe they have done this with him before and he just loves the cinema and will be enthralled for the entire time and maybe he told his parents "Hey Mum and Dad - we have GOT to catch the 1.30pm at the Balmoral you know how much I love the Jason Bourne stories."

Well none of the above - I think the family lasted 10 minutes - his mother took him outside about 3-4 times in the first few minutes of the movie starting, she was to her credit very concious of him making noise and I felt really sorry that I had some bad feelings about it in the first place and wished I could have offered them my sister's services and they could have been child free (and being child free when your at work doesn't count in my books) and enjoyed the movie like we did.

About that movie - I am very realistic about movies which are based on books - I can understand there are limitations in making a movie out of a novel. However, with this one they may as well given Jason Bourne a different name and given the movie a different title - because any resemblance to the novel was miniscule. It had a fantastic car chase in it though - it was like a car chase dance of death. I understand from a comment made by Matt Damon that they wanted to "keep it real" and made Jason Bourne obtain maps to read from while he would drive while simultaneously being pursued by the entire Russian police force might I add. I said to my sister and P - so how come then during the entire film then he never ate and never toileted once!


At 4:32 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Darn, I had that on my list of things to see and I don't know if I should now. Still, any visit to the cinema is a treat for me - the dark, the big screen - I don't have the attention span to watch stuff on dvd unless I'm with the children or ironing.

At 9:15 pm, Blogger Lushlife said...

Oh I didn't mean to put anyone off that movie - ultimately I really enjoyed it and even if it is nothing like the book I enjoyed it for what it is anyway - some great entertainment.


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