More illness abounds

I have been so busy with the new job - I get home and barely make dinner and eat it with the kids and P get to bed in order to deal with all of Gabriella's night waking. Both children were sick last week and we had a lot of trouble dealing with them at night. As usual P and I took turns sleeping with them both. Elliot came home from school sick on Thursday and only went back to school today .

We just managed to keep things under control with lots of nurofen and panadol. Surprisingly neither of them were exhibiting temperatures over 37 so I thought it was the run of the mill virus which we could handle. As it happened, they both developed ear infections and ended up with perforated ear drums last Sunday.

As is usual with my life, Sunday also happened to be the day I invited my friends from work for the first and possibly last time ever. So I had to deal with sick children and entertaining. It went well, but I don't know if I like the cross over of private me and work me. Some of the people I work with I like knowing privately some I really don't need to know them more than at work.

Quite a few people who said they were coming didn't end up coming - I said to one of my closer friends on the day I didn't really expect that much from work colleagues its not like I have known them as well as my private friends and family. As far as I am concerned you only get invited once to my place and if you don't turn up there is no second chance - I am way to busy and too old to keep trying. I really don't mind being let down - it simply means I don't have to put much effort in with those people so its easier all way round.


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