P took Elliot "ten tin bowling" a treat for the day. Posted by Hello

We got him two games as presents just for the day ( we are actually going to get him a bike but we need him to try one out). The games were Battleships and Yahtzee. (I played my first game of Yahtzee ever tonight with P and flogged him and got a Yahtzee to boot it was good fun).

On Monday morning when Elliot woke up, he came into our room as we were getting dressed and announced that he thought that since turning six he was now talking cooler than he was yesterday when he was five. P was a little taken back and said that this sort of change didn't happen over night and asked Elliot if he had "tickets on himself" to which Elliot replied "yes and what does that mean". I told him that having tickets on yourself meant that he thought he was pretty good. Once again Elliot agreed that is exactly what he thought. I explained that it is actually not the Australian way to think so much of yourself and people would like you better if you were a bit more modest about your achievements.

I am still not sure if he has taken on board the modesty lessons at all - maybe all our positive reinforcement is working much to well.


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