Procrastinating (and posting) about procrastination.

Its very easy once you have had a break from posting to procrastinate about what your next post is going to be and when it is you will start up again. While I was busy, which then made me tired and need to catch up on sleep over the last couple of days, I have also simply had trouble just starting again and deciding exactly what it is I want to post.

I did attempt one post while at work via email which is quite frustrating because the email font usually goes all crazy when published but I thought I would cope with the annoying font in order to avoid my falling further into the procrastination pit.

I managed to write a substantial post and had launched into some musings on the breakdown of marriages and the effect on P and me and the parties involved and the rest of the family, when with one slip of the fingers - the post was gone. Just like that. I tried to retrieve the text but to no avail, all of my thought processes finally expelled from my mind and committed in a semi-organised fashion to words disappeared in a split second into a void never to return. The post had taken ages because I was constantly being interrupted by work instead of the children for a change so I was fairly deflated after that.

I hadn't been able until now to work up the energy to actually write something. For the last couple of days I have been content to surf blogs and making a comment here and there, check in and out and generally be a voyeur rather than active participator. So finally my conscience beckons me to return.

I also had time while reading the many other fantastic blogs out there - to contemplate content and whether I should attempt to write something more meaningful than I do. No promises on that one - it takes more effort than I am able to muster - so long as other people write meaningful things on their blogs I am happy to throw my two cents in now and again. Maybe when I get to sleep through again...


At 10:43 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

to contemplate content and whether I should attempt to write something more meaningful and than I doI say write what you feel like writing about. The best blogs always seem to do that.


At 11:33 am, Blogger Lushlife said...

I do think that way too OLS - I can write best about what I feel and what I know which happens to be my life.

Having the break and being inspired by interesting posts on other blogs I began to feel inadequate about my attempts.

Once again I am impressed about your having changed the look of your blog. I would be happy to even update my blog roll!- let alone be able to act on the useful directions you gave me not long ago. I find the technical side of blogging so frustrating - but it does add to more polished presentation.


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