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Monday night
We decided despite being over being the consummate hosts less than two days earlier we would have a small barbecue for Elliot's birthday. So this time it was 10 Adults and 5 children for dinner. It was a lovely night and my sister brought her guitar and P's Mum and Dad and Grandmother who love live music were enchanted by her singing.

It made me think about when I met P's family for the first time in Christmas 1989 - there were no children at all in the family then and they all got together at his sister's place to sing Christmas carols and other songs. They still do it every year (we will be doing this on Sunday this week as P's sister and husband are going to Toronto for Christmas). P's mother and father have certain duets they sing together and P's father sings certain standards.

My brother-in-law met P's family at the same time I did and for many years we would comment to each other about how strange we thought it was that we landed smack bang into the midst of a"Von Trap Family singers" type family. We were both a bit more cynical about their need to all sing together but I guess now we just accept it as part of their traditions and they are always very happy whenever there is a guitar and a song particularly after dinner.


At 11:42 am, Blogger Jellyfish said...

My family are like this too - when I was little we were referred to by friends as "the Von (our surname) Family" because when we get together we just can't help ourselves. I used to just about die with embarrasment, but now I've learned to tolerate and occasionally embrace it!

I've been meaning to say for ages, I like your blog, love hearing the family stories, like the one about the different characters at bath time! Your kids are adorable.


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