New Look

I finally made a change of templates, not a huge difference but enough to relieve my boredom with that green I chose 6 months ago on a whim. Surprisingly I am still attracted to greens when given a choice of templates and I thought that I should find out what that would/could/might mean.

Color symbolism and the meaning of color in the short L├╝scher test says that the green of the test contains a certain amount of blue and is the test-color representing the physiological condition of "elastic tension". It expresses itself psychologically as the will in operation, as perseverance and tenacity. Blue-green is therefore an expression of firmness, of constancy and ,above all, of resistance to chance. Blue-green: represents "Elasticity of Will" and is concentric, passive, defensive, autonomous, retentive, possessive and immutable. Its affective aspects are persistence, self-assertion, obstinacy and self-esteem.

Unfortunately I didn't save my old template and have a bit of tweeking to do to my new template. I am just elated that I have managed to resume my links to my regular blog reading list and added some I have been meaning to for some time.


At 7:28 pm, Blogger OLS said...

Just thought I'd drop by to let you know that I like the new look.

Good luck with the weaning! I gathered from watching the hassles my sister-in-law went through that it's a difficult time and more so with girls since they are (apparently) less likely to self-wean.


At 12:40 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love your new colour scheme, very soothing on the eye. and I like the lush and leafy banner at the top of the page too.

At 12:40 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oops, that last comment was from Lucinda!

At 12:49 pm, Blogger Lushlife said...

Thanks Lucinda - I am really happy with it too. I feel it reflects my personality much better than the last one did. Its funny how little things like type and size of font can make you feel better. I still might move to Typepad the blogger comments red tape even bothers me.


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