If only....

Today would have had to have been one of our most embarassing moments at work. Late this afternoon, this quiz started circulating around our office. We had been working pretty hard until then. After the quiz had been circulated to a few of the girls they started discussing their results and some chat turned into lots of laughter. In fact lots of racous laughter.

I went into see my manager who had been given the quiz too, and along with another member of our team we discussed our results. I said that I had some trouble actually remembering whether some of the things did or did not happen i.e. the question involving the car......... it was so long ago. My manager said that she was doing a Bill Clinton and wanted to know some of the technical definitions involved in some questions.

As we were in the midst of one bought of laughter, we turned around to find the MAJOR BOSS standing at the door of the office. He came in and asked us what we were laughing about. There was no way we could tell him, which unfortunately made us laugh even more, probably out of sheer embarassment.

By this time he had manouvered himself into the office so he could look out the window supposedly at the view but most likely at my manager's computer screen. She told me later that she couldn't close down the window (which contained an excell spreadsheet and not the internet one), as she thought that would have made things even more suspicious than it was already.

Luckily once he realised we were not going to tell him, he left, as soon as he did we scurried back to our desks. On my way out I turned back to my manager and gave her a horrified look, she looked beet red.

When I got back to the desk it came to me what would have been the perfect reply to his earlier query:

"We're just happy in the Service!"

I have heard some old-timers use the same reply in a very laconic and cynical way when asked by someone how they were going. A perfect reply considering the timing of his question.

P.S Anyone interested in the result? I will post mine if you tell me yours?


At 3:57 pm, Blogger Zoe said...

88%. Apparently I am a right tart.

At 10:12 am, Blogger Lushlife said...

Hey Zoe I thought no one was game enough to play! Thanks. I had to have a good laugh at myself over this one I am a exactly a third of a tart 33%.

At 1:35 pm, Anonymous OLS said...

I think there was a mistake with mine - surely the highest mark you can get is 100%? Then how come they tried to tell me I was 116% tarty? I don't doubt that "very" would be the answer, but 116% tarty? *rolls eyes*

Haven't visited in a while because your blog hasn't been pinging blo.gs for some reason. Back again now though... ;o)


At 6:19 pm, Anonymous OLS said...

Ah.. it's all bollocks anyway. I just did the career quiz and got:

"a creative job would be most suitable for you.

Your career should provide inspiration while fulfilling your artistic nature. Perfect jobs would include author, painter, sculptor or musician."

So not me.


At 6:29 pm, Blogger Lushlife said...

I tried to post this reply today, my sister came over this morning and said 108 how is that possible? I will have to have another go at that quiz and just say yes to everything and see what happens! I would guess those careers are based on your interests, writing, poetry = author music= musician. YOur blog is very creative.


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