Legal issues concerning the detention of Cornelia Rau.

Recently I was referred to this paper by a colleague. I have spent the last two days reading it and feeling simultaneously engrossed and repulsed by the subject matter.

I was engrossed from a professional perspective, does the legislation clearly elaborate and enable the will of the government without any unintended consequences? Because clearly the detention of Cornelia Rau and anyone else like her a citizen of Australia is not an intended consequence. And what is it I would advise concerning amendments to the legislation to ensure that the will of the government could be achieved?

At the same time I was repulsed because I find the whole matter of mandatory detention morally repugnant. I am so glad I do not work for DIMIA I would hate to have to use my skills in such a manner.

I commend this paper to anyone interested in an examination of immigration detention legal issues as they relate in particular to Cornelia Rau.

This paper is well written as I found it made the subject matter, of which I have a limited knowledge, quite accessible.


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