Holiday cooking time.

On Friday I had a friend of Elliot's come over and to pass the time I had them bake some cupcakes and decorate the cakes themselves. I will post to move photographs of the outcome:

These are Elliot's friend's cakes which are quite colourful especially when compared with Elliot's who seemed to be fairly monochromatic in his colour theme.

When I suggested that Elliot might want to use a bit more colour he did, the cake with yellow on it!

They really enjoyed themselves and I let go and let them do just about everything so it was good fun for me too.

You should have seen their eyes light up when I said they could change into some old clothes and play out in the back yard and get as dirty as they like, the yard is pretty wet after one week of rain. I would spy on them now and again and it still wasn't wet enough so they started using the hose on each other, after that it was a nice warm shower and a plate of nachos. In my view, even if it is wet that shouldn't mean they can't play outside at all.


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