The story about the birthday hat.

About a year ago we were shopping for birthday presents when we found this hat. We decided to buy it on the basis that it would become entrenched as a part of our very own family tradition - we call it the "Happy Birthday hat of humiliation" and the person celebrating their birthday must be photographed wearing it at least once during the day.

Well technically it is not Elliot's birthday I do have a photograph of P wearing it from last Thursday night however that is not the one for this post. That night dinner of the P's choice was butter chicken, tandoori chicken, indian breads, basmati and then some lovely tiramisu (see below) during dinner there were many toasts to the birthday boy which included a first from Elliot who toasted his father for being so kind to him. A big thank you also to my sister who came and cooked this dinner for us as well, to make up for my late return from work. P's only other desire for a successful birthday evening was to be able to watch the start of the test - which he did.

While preparing dinner I had jokingly asked my sister's flatmate a.k.a to Elliot as Uncle D, (who had been invited and kindly made the beautiful tiramisu) if he would indulge us with an interpretative happy birthday dance after dinner. Instead, Elliot piped up and decided that he would indulge us later with his highly entertaining "Irish dancing" wearing the "HBHOH".

Basically Elliot's Irish dancing is a mockery of Irish dancing. Don't get me wrong I went to a Riverdance concert during the height of it's popularity and took my mother and Aunt so at one stage I was rather partial to it. Elliot was introduced to the concept at school on St Patrick's day and thought it was somewhat absurd that this style of dancing involved so much feet action but little to no upper body movement.

When Elliot performs his Irish dancing for us what we enjoy most is his facial machinations which make up for the lack of his upper body movement and he really does have quite good footwork.

Blogger is playing up so I will post a picture of the birthday tiramisu later.

Finally here it is


At 7:26 pm, Blogger Zoe said...

Not surprised about the lack of upper body movement, given my sister's view that Irish dancing is dressage for humans.

And the hat is truly fab!


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