Celebratory Tim Tam and soccer trophy

Well I noticed I posted the photograph sans the biscuit in his hand, let me assure you there is one there.

I took this photograph not long after Elliot and P returned home on Sunday from the trophy ceremony. Gabriella and I stayed home which is what we did for almost the entire soccer season, an adventurous, active and inquisitive two year old and Saturday morning soccer just are not a good mix. We did make it to his last game of the season and I am very glad that I did. Luckily I happened to look up from the playground with Gabriella to catch Elliot about 50 metres away scoring a goal. I actually managed to see him score 2 more that day. He was playing like a person possessed. I believe the pep talk P gave him beforehand to go out there and enjoy it as it was the last time they would play as this team and his last season of soccer for a while, he really played his best. I was/am so proud of him.

It is amazing what progress the team had from last season. While they did not play the first season together as a team, but the fact that it was all the players second season just meant they played with more confidence and won quite a few more matches.

Looks like it's cricket in a few weeks and then next winter AFL before it gets to rough so P says.


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