Who said that kids.....


At 1:50 pm, Blogger Jellyfish said...

We have photos of me doing EXACTLY the same thing at that age!

And it sounds so weird to say this, given tha I've never even met her, but wow, Gabrielle has really grown!

At 9:51 pm, Blogger Lushlife said...

Tell me about it Ms Jellyfish before you know she will be giving me teenage grief! One year makes such a difference - she even talks lots now but she is such mischievous fun. I had to take the first photograph because when I originally caught her in that cupboard there were only a couple of stripey legs hanging out and she was in deep. I think she will be a very very busy girl when she grows up because even now she is always motoring all over the house, emptying cupboards, climbing and sitting on the dining and coffee tables.


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