Weird times

I think I clocked up around 65 hours at work this week. It is the culmination of the two year project I have been working on, and it now make it or break it time. I spent the last 16 hours over 2 days reading every word of a 330 page document that needs to be as close to good as it may ever get - though it is bound to be tested by many legal eagles including quite a few judges and probably the court of appeal in the course of the coming years.

One of the most nerve racking things I have done in the past two weeks is try and devise with the help of other lawyers a big change in the legal system in the criminal justice arena. I have been lying awake at nights looking for the loop holes and I came up with one this morning. Though we have come to the conclusion that sometime it is just a vehicle that court are looking for to find a way around something so no matter how tight we try to make things there is always an alternative interpretation even if it is a bad one.

My brain is just about fried lately too many words it is either working at a million times an hour or hardly working at all.

I have hardly seen the kiddies. I saw Gabriella three times during the working week and each time she was in her fairy dress. The times I saw her on the weekend she was addicted to wearing her swimmers. With Elliot, he is going well, but I haven't been here for the homework or the spelling though he did very, very well anyway - so maybe he doesn't need to see me so much.

It has been one of the most difficult projects I have ever been involved in at times I have felt I know everything yet nothing, and yet I feel my career is on the cusp of great change. Which may ultimately mean I will definately forge ahead, but I feel it will be at the expense of time at home.

In between all the hard week, I have relapsed as I once did at university into finding the need for comfort food as there is no time to consider something healthy nor do I crave it. Today it was risotto.

I did manage to keep up with some mummy type duties and when I came home last night from work around 7pm, I made P, El and Gabi some raspberry and white chocolate muffins and some sultana muffins as well.
It should tide them over till I came back to normal in the following weeks.


"Look at me, look at me" she said, and so I did.