Cricket Fever

Dear Gabriella has caught cricket fever from Elliot. This is Elliot's first year of club competition with his first game beginning last Saturday morning. I knew he was looking forward to it, but I didn't expect him coming into our bedroom at 5.30am in his underwear and pads reminding us that he was playing that day -gently admonishing him I called out yes, yes, we know its the big day, but please put some pants on before you put your cricket pads on!

I took him to buya helmet on Saturday afternoon, it was fun but definately a venture into new territority for me as P normally takes the role of taking Elliot's to sport shops for bits and pieces. We were going to buy gloves too but I have this thing about kids getting things all at once, and then expecting things to happen all at once when their adults. I think there are some good lessons to learn from understanding there are advantages in delaying gratification and managed to placate him with a promise to revisit things like shoes, gloves, cricket bags and cricket clothes over the next month or so. In looking at all the pads, gloves and helmets that can be purchased I honestly felt like I was kitting out a gladiator not a mere 8 year old boy!

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