The dream - World Cup Glory

I love that P enjoys putting so much effort into helping Elliot with his homework. Frankie the school bear came home this weekend.

P and E decided this photograph of Elliot and Frankie in the Australian soccer kit would really add something extra to the diary recital. Lately Elliot is keen to have P help him, but not willing to do much to assist.

We told him that P’s effort is to reflect Elliot’s effort, which means the ante must be upped, especially if E wants to produce exciting work that other students will enjoy too. So after P did the photograph, Elliot, my boy whom I thought would never develop fine motor skills two years ago - wrote in his very best hand, I am so impressed.

Birthday week

A week that began with Mother’s day and incorporated a birthday can’t be all bad.

In fact I was feted and spoiled. Tuesday was the day, and I went to work as usual. Being in the service there are many employees who I have encountered that view their birthday as an excuse to take the day off. I am not one of them.

Why stay at home, fairly much alone after the morning ritual of birthday greetings and breakfasting and the family go about their day. I mean it’s not their birthday so they will go to school, care or work.

When you go to work on your birthday, those of your friend’s who will know it’s your birthday leave you little gifts, arrange to meet you for coffee, or lunch and generally treat you especially nice. I also baked some cakes to share with my new team in the afternoon and went to lunch with some good friends who shouted my lunch.

My birthday loot wasn’t bad either. I will post a picture of the beautiful bromeliaed, a gorgeous shawl (I plan to wear to dinner in Melbourne in August) Jamie Oliver’s latest Italian cookbook, a fairy cake cookbook, eye rest, vouchers to buy a lovely white shirt I have seen and a great necklace. My mother bought me the comforter set of my choice for our new king-size bed.

I really need to redo all the bedrooms; painting and roman blinds for every room would be the first things to get in order. I have started with the linen for the beds and the wall colours will eventually follow – that’s because P has to do all that stuff.

Strangely enough, I unexpectedly had Wednesday off, Gabi's aunt having the flu meant we were looking for other options. P actually took her to work on Tuesday, it was too late to change my plans to watch her. The next day off however was a welcome break, this year I have really upped the ante with my work committments.

This weekend I am relaxing, some cooking (made one of Jamie’s eggplant, tomato and bocconcini pastas last night) a little bit of catching up with work and generally enjoy the warm days. We also enjoyed a bottle of a Brown Brothers red (1995) we had kept for the last 6 years. Time to drink well and truly.


Gabriella's card

Elliot's Mother's day card

Speaks for itself!

Last two words in case you can't work them out: "house work"

P had to restrain him from writing "all" instead of "most".


Some email stories

Story one.

Yesterday I was sent an email from a colleague - to let me know what the project is that he is involved in and I suppose to keep me in the loop.

I reply: It is my plan that the team use a central tasklist compiled by another team member to track our work. So if anyone is away we are informed and can take action their projects/tasks need attention etc. etc.

He replies: "Does this mean we have to be team players?"

My thoughts (as boss of two weeks and having known this fellow about one week of it): Is he joking? I am forcing my views on the team? Does he want to be a loner? Is he implying that I should lead by example and be a team player - I interact with my old team quite a bit maybe he doesn't like that?

My email reply: Long and rambling, not forcing my views on anyone, though hope you recognise the benefits of working in a team., I don't want to know your comings and goings just what your projects are......etc. etc. etc. blah, blah, blah.

He pops by my office: "It was a joke."

I drop by to see him later: "Well the problem with me is I over-analyse every word - occupational hazard being a lawyer. I cite a recent example, a male friend sent me an email to congratulate me on my new position, and used the words "nice to see people rewarded for their longevity"

I of course then spent about 15 mins pondering - does he mean I am old!, could he mean because I have been with the organisation 2 years - is that considered a long time these days?

I forward his email to another friend for a second opinion and ask her what does she think he means; she replies "He means congratulations"

Story two.

Yesterday a long day - some hiccups in the morning, and spent half my day trying to sort out something which would not have been a problem if I had been given the correct version of the document in the first place. Lots of exasperating things I am spending time on without any feeling of accomplishment.

At 5.30pm at the end of a long week, I decide to send my last email attaching a number of documents, I cc a host of people throughout my organisation and the recipients and another organisation.

My good friend (the one who I asked the second opinion of above) is standing by me as the spell check automatically begin, the final check before the email is sent .

I tell her how I the other day - I accidentally allowed the spell check to insert the word "cello" over the acronym for a job title of a person in the organisation so it read something to the effect "the cello will review the document." Felt like an idiot of course.

As I relate this story, my spell check moves to the word "anticipate" and in the context of the email it says " X and Y anticipate". In my tiredness and my hurry to leave for the day I have misspelled anticipate and as I talk, I am clicking the mouse, before I know it I have replaced "anticipate" with "antipasti" and the email is gone. gone. gone. gone.

Friend and I laugh hysterically, I have now sent an antipasti email!

On Monday they will all get the antipasti email.

I ask, and if there is anyone reading, I really want to know because I feel like such a tool, do I compound the email error and send another email to all saying I meant to say "anticipate".?


5 Things Good

Okay, I actually do feel like posting today, but my main issues weighing upon me to write about would be things I am doing at work and as I don't post about work or try very hard not to, it means I have to do a meme instead via her.

Man most of the time I run a million miles from meme - who woulda thunk it!

Given that work is a good proportion of my life lately it's remarkable I can find anything else to occupy my free time - that isn't related to a domestic duty or relationship - so isn't dreary or drudgey or whinegy or just too damn busy (that's the relationship side).

So here they are after much thinking 5 Good Things

1. Movie: The Constant Gardener - a wonderful almost new movie I got to see for a change. It made me examine my social conscience or lack thereof. That it was shot in Kenya and they were the real children of the region, for once I couldn't divorce myself from the make-believe because there was none.

A good friend of mine described herself as "a head office princess" I think that would accurately describe my entire career too- never at the coal face always back at head office!

Today I had a brush with social and justice issues again. Only the scoping of a policy that will eventuate. I thought of the people on the ground and have great admiration for their dedication. I feel so totally inadequate in the face of the enormity of the problems facing some of our society - I am glad there are people out their who think about the issues, pose solutions and who keep getting us together to work on the issues from one angle or another.

2. Loving the Delicious magazine subscription I was given this year.

3. This wonderful weather - days of sun, and cool nights to snuggle and lots of comfort food to make.

4. Our new king-size bed after 11 years we finally have a great big bed, which means when your child is with you it doesn't make a difference to the quality of your sleep.

5. My husband playing me new music - and music he has found on this website. (One of the contributor's is Dooce's husband) P who does not read Dooce but knows that I do was surprised to make the connection.

Mummy helps Daddy dress Gabi day.

Daddy dresses Gabi day.


Surprise, surprise a meme that might by youyou

For some reason this one really made me feel like doing it, its truly inexplicable, found it via her and her.

Accent: Years ago I recall being constantly told I had a polished English accent. I don’t get told that so much, so maybe my accent has broadened. I have been wondering why Gabriella sings nursery rhymes like she listens to a lot of ‘Kath & Kim". I quote: ‘Loike a Diomond in the skoi" I have captured her on quick-time I am tempted to post it a-la- dooce and Leta. I also speak quite fast

Booze: Not as much as I used to, I can really leave it these days. Like to have a few with the girls after work – nothing like a hard day’s work and a few wines and a giggle.

Chore I hate: Going to the Directorate meetings indeed nearly all meetings these days. Last meeting I went to I was only in the job 4 hours and I knew that one of my staff would be getting bad-mouthed, luckily I went with two other very level-headed individuals.

Dog or cat: 1 dog and no more cats – started to think about the impact of cats on the environment so when I returned the cat I got in the cat-swap I decided no more.

Essential electronics: Television and the Computer

Favourite cologne(s): lately revisiting Oscar De La Renta , wouldn't mind investing in some Chanel No. 5 again, sometimes I use Chloe and Shalimar.

Gold or silver: Rose gold for me.

Hometown: Has to be Brisvegas it’s where I have lived most of my adult life.

Insomnia: Whenever I start over-thinking legislative issues. It has happened a few times already this year: due to some draft legislative provisions and the scenarios I was trying to make sure they captured.

Job title: For the last month I was the Acting CLLO, and for the last 2 days I have been Acting Director (Strategic Policy) – means nothing to many but those in Government would know what I have been doing. To people I meet I usually say I work for the Government.

Kids: One boy 7 and one girl 2

Living arrangements: One man, one boy, one girl and one dog – 3 bedrooms needs a new bathroom, large deck, large yard.

Most admirable trait: Thinks strategically and will commit and will rise to a challenge, when needed.

Number of sexual partners: 2000000000000000000000……….only joking, I don’t kiss and tell.

Overnight hospital stays: 2 periods thus far and hoping that's it too, and were baby-related.

Phobias: Fear that I will be found out that I am not as smart as people think I am.

Quote: Can’t remember a joke nor a quote to save my life, if you were test me I would commit one to memory and after the test immediately forget it when some other more useful information needed to take up the space in my brain.

Religion: Not sure, not entirely averse, but mostly not sure - sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be a believer. I was waiting for the bus one morning and a nicely dressed young woman sat beside me and pulled out her bible and I looked at the underlined passages, what is she getting out of that I thought, is it something that will happen to me ever?

Siblings: One brother haven’t seen since 1994 and one sister – who I see regularly.

Time I wake up: Mostly between 6am - 6.30am week days and 8.30am weekends.

Unusual talent or skill: Being bored out of my brain in Legal Practice lectures I taught myself how to write with my left-hand ( I am right-handed of course)

I would also compile some pretty nasty nude tunnel ball teams made up out of some of my University colleagues sitting around me for one of my males friends for fun.

Vegetable I refuse to eat: potatoes in stews.

Worst habit: My husband would say staying up late watching trashy t.v. the latest object of my affections "Hotel Babylon" last one was that Hairdressing show - English again, love my Brit t.v., Doc Martin, Red Cap, some of those dark, dark detective murder, suspense, political type things on the ABC.

X-rays: Most recently on my mouth for periodontal treatment oh boobs too - beginning of free mamograms!

Yummy foods I make: see www.gourmetaddict.blogspot.com

Zodiac sign: I rarely ever read star sign predictions. I am an a-typical Taurean, my husband Cancer (we're a good match so the stars say) Elliot - Scorpio and Gabriella Libra, I haven't even read about Gabriella's star sign!