My weekend.

Dinner Friday - deep fried calamari, lime and pepper mayonnaise, a margherita and a becks.
Dinner Saturday - crab omlette and green salad, mussels in tomato, white wine, chilli and basil.
Dinner Sunday - Barbecued marinated lamb and salad.

Lots of lovely dinners and quite a domestic weekend - throw in a couple of infant birthday celebrations - a one year old and a four year old then a Grand Final watching my latest favourite British detective drama ('cept he is a psych.) Cracker a very domestic Sunday with a little bit of kite flying in the late afternoon and that's it for my weekend.

In retrospect it all doesn't look so bad - the downside was that Gabriella decided to wake at 5am each morning - P took the first morning and I took the second - I was going to do the first one but I woke up and said "I am too tired to enjoy my life" and I really meant it.

God was I cranky this morning. I just hate getting up at the crack of dawn.


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