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Like having your teeth extracted without the drugs. Two cold hours in a room with too effective air conditioning settling "The Glossary". The highlight of my day which goes to show how uneventful my week has actually been at home and at work. I am not complaining because there isn't anything or anyone to complain about, worry about, or for that matter entertain me.

While seeking to entertain my son during the holidays I fell asleep half way through "A Shark's Tale". I never fall asleep at the cinema - I realise these animation films are contrived but this was so contrived I felt jaded and bored and sweet sleep was my only escape. Well at least I didn't have to leave the cinema like my sister when watching "Cat Woman" and more to the point I couldn't leave because Elliot was enjoying it and that is all that should matter.

An amusing part of my day while researching on the internet I discovered the list of demands by Palenstinean prisoners prior to their going on a hunger strike - not that I consider imprisonment is amusing just that these prisoners have undermined their more legitimate demands with ones like: No more headcounts, airconditioning in cells, comfortable seats on buses, fruit knives (YES a knife) in cells, more television channels, mobile phones in each cell. I believe in humane containment by all means but many of these demands were indistinguishable from the desires of law abiding citizens who may never get to experience airconditioning in their own homes.

Enough of me time, I have to go my son wants me to read a few more pages from the Chronicles of Narnia.


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