The second revelation on a Monday

I actually meant to put this in my last post but that was just getting too long winded. When I finally dragged my sorry self to work on Monday I had to deal with a page and a half of criticism of my paper from someone I had kind of known. I had expected the criticism because the same had been given to some of the other papers which we had produced.

The source of the criticism though made me realise that I have been admitted as a Solicitor for 14 years! Oh my Gawwwwwd! I don't even feel that I have that much experience (there were a few years off for traveling etcetera.)

I attended Legal Practice in 1989 with the person who critiqued my paper and based on her comments and some anecdotes from my friend F who had to deal with the person on a working group I don't think that the person has changed one tiny teeny little bit. Apart from the shock of the 14 years revelation I was actually heartened to acknowledge that I had indeed changed since then.

I remember I was quite immature and rebellious that year of Legal Practice - the person however, got married in the worst possible taste of the late eighties you could evah imagine. I am not going to use my blog to vent on people but I am stating a fact it was the height of bad eighties wedding fashion.

Anyway the critique I took with a grain of salt. You provide statistics they want more statistics, you don't provide statistics, they want statistics. Basically if I didn't put in statistics its because there were no reliable statistics. I had of course thought of addressing some of the issues the person raised but I would have been criticising the organization and I don't think my masters really wanted me to do that - that's for the stakeholders to do.

I will always remember this person's voice and I haven't heard it for 13 years, high, nasal and very Awwstraylian - really the bane of our existence for those 9 months in Legal Practice.


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