Tired Tuesday.

I had a considerable amount of trouble keeping my eyes open today. I am sure it is because of my television regime on a Tuesday night – Idol, SATC (the new one and the repeat) and then I am always sorely tempted to stay up for the entire Six Feet Under but made myself retreat to bed at 11pm. This combined with the requisite 4-5 wake ups for Gabriella means that today I am struggling to be alert.

I also wonder if it is the weather today – it is quite overcast and there are no glimpses of sun or blue sky at all. I am sure this atmosphere is influencing my lack of energy and general malaise.

The research I am attempting today would deplete anybody’s energy levels it involves the internet and searching for the legislation for the parole boards around the country. I feel no more enthusiastic as the day has worn on.

I have struggled to the point of going cross-eyed trying to stay awake. I am a woman on the verge - the verge of falling asleep at my desk. A berroca at 10.30 am did little to boost my energy levels though a short walk around the block and an early lunch have given me enough enthusiasm to begin writing this entry.

One good thing - a review of a restaurant in a suburb not far from ours looks very promising. P and I as usual completely forgot our wedding anniversary last week. We were both aware of it prior to the date however it wasn’t until the day after P rang me and said "Happy Anniversary Darling". We want to go out to dinner but were waiting for Suga Lu to return so we could leave the children at home and go somewhere local.

Actually last year we had a wonderful Anniversary on the actual day which was a Sunday. We went for lunch to an Italian restaurant Café Del Ugo in Newfarm which is owned by some good friends of ours who came to our wedding in 1996. As I was 8 months pregnant we also took Elliot to the lunch that is - not the wedding! We shared a beautiful lunch of veal, scampi and salad along with champagne and Italian white wine (I had no more than a glass of wine) and then shared some Tiramisu. Elliot had a bowl of pasta and loved the Tiramisu. It was a very lovely lunch and Elliot enjoyed the restaurant experience.

Its amazing how quickly this last year has gone I can't believe I was so close to having Gabriella and now she is such a routine part of our lives. P said the other day we have at least one more year of lack of sleep. I am so torn between wanting more sleep because she is growing up and dealing with the lack of sleep and keeping my baby. Then again it will be lovely when all of us can enjoy a leisurely family lunch at Del Ugo's too.


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