This morning when making my first coffee of the day, I performed a ritual I have now every weekend for the last two years when I use particular coffee cups that I was given for my birthday.

I have recognised for some time now, that I have a minor obsessive compulsive disorder.

My assessment of my condition:
  • enough for me to recognise it;
  • though not be worthy of comment by others;
  • be able to have a laugh at myself about it; and
  • to consider myself on the anal-side rather than completely dysfunctional.
On some occassions I like to indulge my OCDs to the hilt and other times completely ignore them.

When making coffee though, I rarely ignore it so here it is.

I have four beautiful pastel coloured Robert Gordon latte cups and four espresso cups. There are two latte cups and two espresson cups in pastel pink (strawberry so the site says) and two latte and two espresso cups in pastel green.

My coffee machine is a small domestic branded Gaggia Classic. I found that I am unable to filter two shots of coffee directly into the latte cups when making flat whites and instead must first filter a shot of espresso into the espresso cups.

When making coffee for P and me, I choose a green latte cup for him and a pink latte cup for me. There is good reason (so I think!)to use different coloured cups as he uses full cream milk and up till recently I used reduced fat and of late soy milk. He also has sugar in his coffee I don't. So the different colours for the latte cups assists in my differentiating the style of coffee easily.

I believe though, that the choice of colour (as a very amatuer socialogist/psychologist I have absolutely no idea what I am theorising on I haven't reasearched any of this)is probably because of my ingrained social conditioning, the use traditional colour coding to define the feminine from the masculine.

When I filter the first shots of espresso I don't have to but I choose to use one pink espresso cup and one green espresso cup. I am sure you can see where this is heading......after I have filtered the shots of coffee, I then have to transfer the shots of espresso like so,


On the rare occassion that I fail to follow this routine and pour from the green espresso cup into the pink latte cup. I am extremely annoyed with myself and have been know to remark out loud about how STOOPID I am! I have various other rituals when making coffee regarding wiping the bench, not leaving coffee grains ANYWHERE and wiping the milk frother as well it's all too tedious to detail in the minituae any further.

I wonder though, exactly how strange I am when it comes to my OCDs, am I underestimating my problem or I am merely eccentric and endearing ? ;) If I am not in trouble now, am I headed for trouble?

DO I NEED HELP? (I think I may do, if I continue shouting in my posts like Dooce)

P.S. my husband started me on a new one OCD recently. When putting cutlery into the dishwasher, he thought it was a good idea to put the knives with the knives in one compartment, forks with forks, spoons with the spoons etc. All pointing down. The cutlery pointing down thing is due to my hearing of an accident where a woman was impaled on her cutlery after slipping over in the kitchen (I wonder if that was a myth?)

P has fallen by the wayside, me I have fully embraced my new cutlerly putting in the dishwasher lifestyle and have even performed it at someone else's place. Yep I need help.


At 9:39 pm, Blogger anyresemblance said...

I'm with you on the knives sticking up in the dishwasher (if only I had one at the moment) but I'm not sure I am quite so OCD on the matching cups. It does bug the hell out of me if my underwear doesn't match or my handbag or if I don't have the right kind of pen to write with. Aaggh

At 9:47 pm, Anonymous Elissa said...

I think we all have a little OCD in us. I get deeply irritated if my coffee is not in my special morning coffee cup. Worse, if someone else drinks coffee out of my special morning cup. I can feel my blood pressure rising just thinking about it!
I'm also with you on the in-grained social conditioning thing. EG Soy and I always change toothbrushes at the same time. One of us buys the replacements and we throw the old ones away. The replacements are usually one blue, one red or one green, one pink or something else gender specified along those lines. It appears completely obvious to me which should be which. But sometimes Soy likes to shake things up a little. This month's toothbrushes are dark purple (me) and pastel green (him). Although the colours could be vaguely gender specified, the purple one JUST LOOKS MASCULINE and I pick up the green one every day and then have to put it back. Sometimes I get as far as putting toothpaste on it. This whole colour thing has just thrown me way out of whack.
Next month I am buying the toothbrushes and I am going PINK and BLUE, just to be sure.

PS I have a friend who won't write AT ALL, unless she has her own pen. It's a particular type of felt tip that she files WITH AN EMERY BOARD to make it just the right shape. She won't even write down a phone number unless it's the right pen. I love her. I'm not sure if it's just the eccentricity.

At 7:56 am, Blogger andy said...

Yeps, everyone has a little OCD.

At 1:40 pm, Anonymous OLS said...

I check the door handle twice after I lock it. Always twice. I'm not sure why, surely once would suffice, but habit kicks in and there I am checking it again.

I also hit the button to cross the road twice. Maybe I just have a thing with even numbers?

I'm no Adrian Monk though.


At 10:12 pm, Blogger sarni said...

I deliberately stay away from pink and blue because of the gender stereotype - currently, my toothbrush is yellow, and my bf's is green. After a childhood of being the only girl in the family, I've had it up to here with pink!


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